These poems were written five years ago to my special Aunt Natalie as she lay dying.  I am posting them today in remembrance of her and of my good friend Beth’s mother, Marcia, who just passed away a week ago.  It is a reminder to take advantage of every moment you have with the ones you love; to hold those moments in your heart, and to have no regrets.


Today I said goodbye

as I held your hand

and looked upon your withered body;

the last of your essence had already slipped away,

your labored breathing like a weight upon my heart.

You were a given; an unquestioned part of my life,

your love always there, as a mother’s.

Today I said goodbye, the final chapter closed.

Now you will be a memory

to which I will return again and again.

Your sweet voice, warm hands and smile,

long conversations, borrowed jewelry,

family secrets, everything just so.

Salmon and potatoes, peas and soy milk,

chocolate muffin quartered, soft sheets

and tender words.

These things I will always remember.


One by one before us I have seen those of the other generation

lose their place in our world to be buried beneath the earth.

One by one before us aunts, uncles, fathers passing away suddenly

or lingering and withering away day by day

to bare bones and soul.

What will be left of their lives and memories?

Will we remember their stories that we carelessly shrugged off

when our last loved one dies?

I will remember you in my heart

and carry your memory to my children

and write your stories down for the ages

as our family changes and adjusts

And I promise your life will never be forgotten.