You hooked up with some one who

brings out that evil side of you.

Now you don’t like me;

you analyze and judge me;

scoffing at everything I do.

“Just between you and I”

look in the mirror;

you know who I’m talking to.

I used to cry and feel sub par

but since then I’ve come pretty far.

I’m tending to me, becoming more free;

excising those scars.

“Just between you and I”

there’s no room in my life

for any backstabbing liars.

 So go on and have a laugh at me;

I’m not wasting any more energy.

This is the last time

I’ll put my pen to rhyme about you;

see, I’ve got better things to do.

“Just between you and I”

I guess its time to say goodbye.

I still love that person buried deep inside you.

I don’t know where it went to.